The Quickbooks pricing in the UK (United Kingdom) is:

  • Simple start plan = 12 pounds a month
  • Essentials plan = 18 pounds a month
  • Plus plan = 27 pounds a month
  • Self-employed plan = 8 pounds a month
quickbooks pricing uk1

However, you can avail a discount of 50% (for the first six month) with instant purchase (without taking a free trial). That means the effective price per month (for the first six months) will drop down to:

  • 6 pounds a month (simple start plan),
  • 9 pounds a month (essentials plan) &
  • 13.50 pounds a month (plus plan)
  • 4 pounds a month (self-employed plan)

The simple start, essentials & plus plans are best suited for small, growing & established businesses respectively.

With the simple start plan, you get the basic features like tracking income & expenses. So, this plan is for someone who’s just getting started & doesn’t need to micro-manage a lot of transactions.

The essentials plan empowers a growing business to track every transaction along with bills & payments. Have a few international clients?. Cool! the essentials plan has got you covered with it’s multi-currency support. Additionally, this plan supports 3 number of users. So, you can create profiles for your staff members & grant limited or full Quickbooks access to them.

Last but not the least, the plus package is best suited for established & eCommerce businesses. This package helps a business to track & manage its stock. Some of the other powerful features of this plan include 5 user profiles, budgeting, PO generation, employee productivity management & project management.

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The key features of this plan are:

  • 12 pounds a month
  • Unlimited invoices
  • e-File VAT returns automatically
  • Send automatic reminders to customers for overdue invoices
  • Scan & store expense receipts
  • Automatically import transactions from multiple bank accounts
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Payroll management (available as an add-on feature)
  • Multiple reports supported
  • UK phone support on weekdays
  • Email support 24*7
  • 1 user profile supported (the admin)

This plan is best for small scale startups, sole proprietors & service organizations. One of the key features lacking here is the ability to manage stocks. So, if you’re into eCommerce or selling on marketplaces like Amazon, then this plan isn’t for you.

Examples: Repair shops, service consultants, lawyers, accountants, doctors, SaaS businesses, hotels, real estate agents, etc.

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The key features of this plan are:

  • 18 pounds a month <=
  • Unlimited invoices
  • e-File VAT returns automatically
  • Send automatic reminders to customers for overdue invoices
  • Scan & store expense receipts
  • Automatically import transactions from multiple bank accounts
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Payroll management (available as an add-on feature)
  • Multiple reports supported
  • UK phone support on weekdays
  • Email support 24*7
  • 3 user profiles supported (1 admin + 2 staff) <=
  • Track & transact bills, vendors & payments <=
  • Multi currencies supported <=

This plan is for growing businesses that’ve international clients or vendors, multiple user levels &/or numerous bills to manage.

Examples: Service marketplaces or aggregators, import-export consultants, export houses, marketing agencies, real estate agencies, logistics companies etc.

Like the simple start plan, this plan also isn’t suited for eCommerce businesses dealing in physical products.

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The key features of this plan are:

  • 27 pounds a month <=
  • Unlimited invoices
  • e-File VAT returns automatically
  • Send automatic reminders to customers for overdue invoices
  • Scan & store expense receipts
  • Automatically import transactions from multiple bank accounts
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Payroll management (available as an add-on feature)
  • Multiple reports supported
  • UK phone support on weekdays
  • Email support 24*7
  • 5 user profiles supported (1 admin + 4 staff) <=
  • Track & transact bills, vendors & payments
  • Multi currencies supported
  • Track & bill employees’ time <=
  • Create & transact with purchase orders <=
  • Create & track with periodic budgets <=
  • Track & transact with stocks <=
  • Transact & get reports project-wise <=

This plan is best for eCommerce & established organizations who bill their clients project-wise or on hourly basis.

Examples: Web design agencies, service contractors, work contractors, eCommerce businesses, retail shops, multi-channel online sellers, Amazon sellers, etc.

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The key features of this plan are:

  • 4 pounds a month
  • Record income & expenses
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Automatically import feed from multiple banks
  • Bifurcation of banking transactions into business & personal
  • Income tax calculation & estimation
  • Mobile app

This plan is best for freelancers, independent artists & contractors. With this, you’ll get all basic features like recording of income, expenses, bank feed, invoices, etc. In other words, this plan is trimmed down version of the simple start plan.

Examples: Freelance web designers, singers, independent work contractors, actors, etc.

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I know that choosing a product plan can at times be difficult. Therefore, it’s always advisable to try hand on the actual product & see if it actually meets your need.


1. What Does Cloud Accounting Mean?

Cloud accounting means hosting your accounting software in the “cloud” & accessing/transacting the same from anywhere & any device. The “cloud’ is nothing but the server hosted by the cloud accounting software company.

From that sense, Quickbooks is a cloud accounting software. You simply have to go to the Quickbooks website, create your profile & start recording your transactions right away. No set up or server required on your side.

The best part?.

Your data is safe & can be accessed from anywhere in the world by simply logging into Quickbooks account using your credentials like username & password.

Example: You sign up for a new Quickbooks account on your laptop simply by creating a username & password (just like you did when you created your social media or email accounts). No installation or hosting required. Next up, you plan to go on a vacation without taking your laptop. Still, you’ll be able to access Quickbooks by simply visiting their website on your phone or accessing their smartphone app.

2. Can I Buy Quickbooks Without Subscription?

No, you can’t buy Quickbooks without subscription. There isn’t any outright purchase option in the UK version of Quickbooks (as of now).

In the US version, Quickbooks offers its on-premise accounting software called Quickbooks Desktop Pro & Premier for outright purchase.

3. Is Learning Quickbooks Hard?

Quickbooks is one of the world’s most popular cloud accounting softwares. As per the latest data, there’re more than 2 million Quickbooks customers worldwide. The single biggest reason of Quickbooks popularity is the ease of use. In fact, Quickbooks is designed keeping in mind the business owners like you. You don’t need accounting knowledge or wisdom to transact using Quickbooks.


In traditional accounting, making an expense entry involves posting a journal where an expense account is debited & cash or bank account is credited. You need a professional accountant to be able to pass these entries.

However, passing an expense entry in Quickbooks is as easy as clicking on “Expense” >> “Add expense” & answering the following questions:

  • Who did you pay?
  • How did you pay?
  • Payment date?
  • Payment method?
  • Category of expense?
  • Expense amount?

Click on “Save”. Done!. You’ve passed an expense entry without even knowing. Makes sense?

4. Can I Install Quickbooks On 2 Computers?

You don’t need to install Quickbooks (unless you’re using Quickbooks desktop UK version).

Quickbooks is a cloud accounting software which can be accessed simply by visiting Quickbooks website & entering your login credentials. Hence, you don’t need installation.

If you’re using Quickbooks Desktop then you can install it on 5 different computers.

5. How Do I Add Multiple Users On Quickbooks?

Log in into your Quickbooks account. Then click on the gear icon available on the top right corner of your dashboard. There you’ll find a link to “Manage Users”. Click on the same to add multiple users.

6. How Many Users Are Allowed Per Quickbooks Subscription?

In the simple start plan, you can’t add an additional user (except you as an admin). However, in the essentials & the plus plans, you can add 2 & 4 additional users respectively.

7. Is There A Free Alternative To Quickbooks?

Everything good comes at a price. And, so does Quickbooks.

Accounting is a very important part of a business. Keeping track of your numbers will not only keep your mind at peace but will also help you take informed business decisions. Therefore, I recommend you to invest in a good accounting software, if not Quickbooks.

However, if I still need a free one, I would give ZipBooks a shot.

8. What’s The Difference Between Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Self-Employed?

Quickbooks Online is the signature cloud accounting software designed specifically for business owners. The simple start, essentials & plus plans are a part of Quickbooks Online.

Whereas, Quickbooks Self-Employed is a cloud accounting software specifically designed to cater the basic accounting needs of independent contractors & freelancers.

9. Is Quickbooks Self-Employed Worth It?

Freelancing isn’t complex. It’s a simple business model. Freelancers at the least expect their accounting softwares to be:

  • Simple
  • Able to generate invoices
  • Inexpensive
  • Tracking income & expenses
  • Importing bank feeds
  • Helping them in filing income tax returns

And, Quickbooks self-employed does just that. So, at just 8 pounds a month, it’s definitely worth it.

10. What’s The Difference Between Quickbooks Online & Quickbooks Pro?

Quickbooks Online, as said earlier, is the flagship cloud accounting software for small businesses. The simple start, essentials & plus plans are a part of Quickbooks Online.

Whereas Quickbooks Pro is one of the plans of Quickbook Desktop, the on-premise accounting software.

11. What’s Quickbooks Desktop? Is It Being Phased Out?

Quickbooks Desktop is an on-premise accounting software. That means you can install it on your computer or PC.

Quickbooks Desktop UK version is available in 2 variants:

Quickbooks Desktop Pro

The key features of this plan are:

  • 28 pounds a month (Available at 26 pounds a month for the first six months)
  • Tracking & transacting income & expenses
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Ability of run reports
  • Tracking & managing bills & vendors
  • Ability to create budgets
  • Transacting using purchase orders
  • Multi-currency support
  • 5 users supported (that means you can install Quickbooks on 5 different computers)
  • Transacting & managing stock
  • Tracking employees’ time
  • Project-wise cost control
  • 30-days phone support

The Quickbooks Desktop Pro plan is suited for mid-size manufacturers who want to install Quickbooks on their own servers or systems.

Click here to know more about Quickbooks Desktop Pro.

Quickbooks Desktop Premier

The key features of this plan are:

  • 56 pounds a month (Available at 50 pounds a month for first six months)
  • All features of Quickbooks Desktop Pro &
  • Job costing support
  • Customized discounts by customers or items
  • Tracking & billing project time

The Quickbooks Desktop Premier plan is suited for large manufacturers who want to install Quickbooks on their own servers or systems.

Quickbooks Desktop Pro & Premier plans have the following disadvantages as compared to Quickbooks Online plans:

  • Inability to access the software from mobile or any other device
  • No automatic VAT e-filing feature
  • Need to periodically updated when a new version is released
  • No mobile app
  • Only 30-days UK phone support

No, Quickbooks Desktop isn’t getting phased out. It’s just that Quickbooks isn’t actively promoting it unlike Quickbooks Online.

12. Which Pricing Plan Is Best For Small Businesses?

It strictly depends on the nature & category of your small business.

If you’ve just started out & don’t have enough of bills or vendors to manage, then opt fot the Simple Start plan.

If you’re running a business with a lot of vendors or bills (Example: An online marketplace), then opt for the Essentials plan.

If you’re running an eCommerce business & want inventory features then opt for the Plus plan.

And, if you’re into manufacturing & need advanced project management features then opt for the Desktop Pro or Premier plan.

13. Can I File VAT Returns Directly From Quickbooks?

Yes, you can e-file VAT returns directly to HM Revenue & Customs, UK from Quickbooks. Also, Quickbooks has a VAT smart-scan feature that checks your VAT returns for errors, if any, before filing.

So, essentially, you don’t need the help of a tax expert or an accountant to file your VAT returns. That’s a major cost saving for a small business.

This e-filing feature is available across all Quickbooks Online pricing plans.

Note: This VAT direct e-filing feature isn’t available in the Quickbooks Self Employed & Desktop plans.

14. Do I Need An Accountant If I Have Quickbooks?

Quickbooks will help you to record your day-to-day business transactions like sales, purchase, expenses, income, etc.. Also, it can help you file periodic VAT returns.

However, for filing income tax returns, you may have to take help of an accountant. Why?. Let me explain.

Take an example of a non-cash expense like Depreciation. Depreciation is periodic reduction in the value of your fixed assets like furniture, buildings, etc. used in your business.

Normally, a business owner may miss accounting for depreciation because it’s not a cash expense. However, someone having accounting knowledge will know that you need to account for non-cash expenses like depreciation to calculate correct profit for income tax purposes. Of course, there’s a way to record depreciation in Quickbooks (in the Chart of accounts section) but the point is: Are Quickbooks users aware of the same?

So, get your books verified by an accountant to make sure the same is prepared as per the requirements of the income tax law.

15. How Much Does It Cost To Use Quickbooks Payroll?

Quickbooks Payroll is an add-on feature available under Simple Start, Essentials & Plus plans. Using it, you can create periodic payrolls taking into account days worked, deductions, taxes, etc.

This feature is available at 1 pound per paid employee per month. That means you’ve 10 employees then you got to pay 10 pounds per month to use Quickbooks Payroll. (On digging further, I found that this offer is only for a limited period. Quickbooks plans to charge more for the Payroll feature)

16. Can I Use Quickbooks Self Employed For A Limited Liability Company?

Yes, single member companies can use Quickbooks Self Employed. In the eyes of the law, single member companies aren’t treated any different from their individual members. You can report the revenue & expenses of your company in your personal income tax return.

A multi-member limited company shouldn’t use Quickbooks Self Employed because it won’t help much.

17. Can I Cancel Quickbooks Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Quickbooks & back up your data at any point of time. There’s no time-stipulated contract as such.

18. Does Quickbooks Have A Free Trial?

Yes, Quickbooks offers a generous 30 days free trial.

However, I recommend not to take the free trial & purchase instantly to get a discount of 50% for the first six months.

19. What’re The Modes Of Payment? Can I Use PayPal?

You can pay for Quickbooks monthly subscription using a debit/credit card having a valid UK address. Right now, they don’t support PayPal or any other mode of payment.

20. Do I Need To Pay Anything Extra For Support?

All Quickbooks plans come with 24*7 email support. And, the simple start, essentials & plus plans come with FREE UK phone support during weekdays.

Quickbooks Self Employed subscribers can only use the email support channel.

21. Is There A Limit On The Number Of Invoices I Can Generate?

There’s no limit on the number of invoices you can generate with Quickbooks. This feature is applicable to all plans including Quickbooks Self Employed.

22. Do I Need To Pay VAT Over & Above The Subscription Cost?

The monthly subscription price is inclusive of VAT. That means you don’t need to pay VAT over & above the subscription cost.

23. Is The Quickbooks Mobile App Included In The Pricing Plan?

Yes, Quickbooks mobile app is already included in all pricing plans except Quickbooks Desktop.

24. Does Quickbooks Integrate With Shopify, Amazon & Other Shipping Apps?

There’re a number of useful apps you can connect with Quickbooks to make it more powerful.

Visit the official Quickbooks App store to browse across these apps.

To connect with your Amazon account, you can install an app named “Seller Zen”. That app will pull all your Amazon orders into Quickbooks & help you fulfill orders straight from your Quickbooks dashboard. Cool!

To connect with your Shopify account, you can install an app named “Shopify by OneSaas”. Using it, you can not only pull & fulfill orders, but also sync your inventory & accounting data. That means when you update your stock in Quickbooks, the same will get reflected in Shopify as well.

Alternatively, if you create a product on Shopify, the same with automatically get reflected in Quickbooks as well. Also, when an order is placed in Shopify, a sales invoice is automatically generated in Quickbooks.

25. Is There A Discount On Instant Purchase of Quickbooks Subscription?

Yes, there’s a 50% discount on instant purchase of Quickbooks subscription (without taking 30-days free trial).